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Critical Questions for Twenty Somethings: Guest Post On Pimp Your Finances

I recently had a guest post on and the entry dealt with critical questions every twenty something should ask him or herself if they’d like achieve goals and lead a quality life.  Here’s an excerpt: If you’re a Twenty-something consider yourself very lucky. You’re probably healthy, super educated (only about 26 percent of Americans have a bachelor’s degree), full [...]

Home Improvement Tips From a First Time Homeowner

(The following is a guest post from David at Pimp Your Finances – click here to subscribe to his blog) I’m new to the world of home ownership, but I’ve already learned a lot. I’m big on doing things myself. It’s incredibly satisfying, and I like the idea of saving money. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on [...]

Don’t Be Stupid: When It’s Not Appropriate to Be Frugal

Don’t Be Stupid: When It’s Not Appropriate to Be Frugal

Apologies for the short hiatus, life gets in the way of posting at times but I’m fully re-charged and ready to dispense some tips!  Today I’d like to look at when it’s not appropriate to be frugal; after all, you don’t want to put yourself in a zero-sum game situation because you’ve become a mindless pragmatist!  Here are six areas where [...]

What Type of Cook Are You and Who Is the Nutritional Gatekeeper in Your Home?

According to Food and Wine magazine home cooking is the number one food trend for 2009!  And the news is no surprise as more and more people elect to not eat out and cook meals from scratch.  This is great new, right?  Well, according to a recent New York Times article by Tara Parker Pope it really depends who is [...] Selected for Blog Carnivals: The Penny Daily & MoneyNing hosted Money Hacks Carnival #55 and included’s post, “Benefiting From the Recession.”   The Penny Daily hosted the Carnival of Everything Money #6 and included’s post, “Top Collosal Money Wasters: 11 Tips“ For other top, practical living blog, entries this week, see: >> read my mind and wrote “7 Tips To Extend the Life Of Your Business [...]

Excercise and Your Life: Just Do It

Sport has always been part of my life; partly because of genetics yet mostly because of the hyperactive friends I made growing up in 1980/90′s New Jersey. As a young kid, I played on our suburban block until dusk and only came in for dinner after my mother unleashed her fiery call: “il pranzo è pronto!”  As a 13 year [...]

5 Practical & Low Cost Ways To Go Green

This is a guest post from Heather Levin at’s goal is simple: to give people easy, common-sense ways to save money and go green. These days, “going green” is on everyone’s lips, and with good reason.  One quick glance at the headlines and it’s obvious our planet needs some help, and quickly.  But it’s not just that; with [...]

Basics of Couponing and Getting Free Stuff with GeorgineSaves

This is a guest post from Georgine Kaczmarek at Georgine Kaczmarek has been a professional penny pincher for over 40 years. Given the moniker “Coupon Queen” by various media outlets, Georgine has offered advice and suggestions for television, magazine, and news publications. She has given lectures to help people learn to shop better and save money. Couponing has been a [...]

Recipe: Lentil Soup

Recipe: Lentil Soup

We love soup at and we’re not very picky when it comes to the variety. However, we do have a couple of pet peeves about soup preparation: Soup must be homemade (we’re vehemently opposed to canned soup). Homemade soup must start with water and not pre-packaged chicken, beef, or vegetable stock (there are some exceptions), but we generally like to [...]

How to Haggle Or Get the Best Price

Haggling is fun!  Yes, you heard it here first!  Haggling is comprised of deal making, arguing particular points, and, ultimately, winning a game. I witnessed my first haggling experience during a street fair in Italy.  I remember my very bold and sassy aunt telling a street vendor that his shoes were too expensive and that she couldn’t believe he was [...]