Torrone Recipe
Torrone Recipe
Recipe type: Dessert
  • Prepare a simple syrup using the water and sugar. Next, melt the honey and bring it to 120° C. Thereafter, place the egg whites in your stand mixer bowl (make sure your bowl is warm) and whip at a moderate speed. Next, begin to slowly add the simple syrup, followed by the honey, and finally the nuts (which you'll want to crush before adding).
  • Whip for approximately 5 minutes. Replace the whisk in your stand mixer with the dough needle and smooth the the mixture for two to four minutes.
  • Remove the mixture from the stand mixer and spread it out on a baking sheet, flattening it out and using a rolling pin to get to the desired thickness.(a little over an inch). Cut the torrone into desired bars. Torrone stores very well and makes great Christmas gifts. As with any Italian recipe, use the best ingredients to make torrone and you'll have a dessert that is beyond it's ingredients in terms of flavor and experience.
  1. Honey, 2.5 cups
  2. Water, 1.2 cups
  3. Sugar, 4.2 cups
  4. Egg whites, .6 cups
  5. Hazel nuts, shelled 1200 gr
  6. Pistachios, shelled 300 gr
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