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A Vision of Students Today and Classroom Learning by Michael Wesch

There’s lots of talk about how traditional classroom learning is dead, see:   However, and I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the small lecture type experience (ask questions, get a response back kind of thing).  And I think deep learning is not about text messages, Facebook, or web enabled distance learning (they’re not bad instructional tools), but a liberal […]

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Why is the New Yorker the Best General Interest Magazine in the US

I’ve always told friends, colleagues, and family that the New Yorker is essential reading.  After all, where else can you, as an amateur intellectual, get the best in short stories, profiles, feature stories, book and movie reviews?  The New Yorker is not only essential reading, but critical to continuing one’s life-long education. The latest book review from The New Yorker […]

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