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Optimal Human Survival: Six Tips on How Grown Ups Can Control Their Own Destiny

At no point in one’s life do humans bare so little responsibility for their own survival as they do when they are swimming around in their mother’s amniotic fluid (Ron Currie Jr.).  Think about it: newborns need to learn how to digest liquid, take in oxygen and pump out carbon dioxide, dispose of their waste, learn how to sleep, and [...]

8 Tips for New Dads During Labor and Delivery

For most sane men, seeing their significant other give birth is a mind blowing experience.  My brain, for example, is already beginning to elicit nausea every time I think about my wife’s upcoming labor and delivery.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly excited about the arrival of our first baby, but the birthing process isn’t like renovating a kitchen or bath.  Delivering a baby, at least [...]

Conspicuous Consumption and Personal Finance: Do You Work To Want Things?

Daniel Gross, a columnist at Newsweek and Slate, published a recent article in the NY Times Book Review that argued that today’s ├╝ber rich are essentially leisure-less tycoons who need to work around the clock.  Gross goes on to argue that, “among Type-A, self-made members of the leisure class (read ultra wealthy), there’s a sort of reverse prestige associated with [...]

How To Achieve Goals: Micro-Goal It And Keep It Simple

For much of Sunday’s epic Wimbledon Final Andy Roddick outplayed Roger Federer.  Roddick out served Federer, played with more intensity, and had a number of incredible winners (including many backhand winners to Federer’s forehand side).  So, how did Federer manage to beat an opponent who played exceptionally well and, in some way, wanted the Wimbledon Championship more than Roger himself? [...]