How the Brain the Works and Why You Should Study the Brain Sciences



If I were a high school guidance counselor I’d tell each one of my students (well at least the ones who displayed some intellectual curiosity) to go and pursue studies in any one of the cognitive sciences: neuroscience, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, etc. 


Our knowledge about how the brain works is just starting to develop and I predict a sort of “brain revolution” over the next 25-50 years.  So, “be all you can be” and sign up today to be a brain professional.  If you’re not ready, then take a look at the current literature and catch up on your knowledge on the mind/body problem, parietal lobe physiology, and language acquisition from the New York Review of Books.


  1. Vin,
    May I suggest using fresh basil instead of parsley when dressing the roasted peppers? In my opinion, basil + roasted peppers are a much better fit. The garlic is essential, though. And I can’t stress adding enough salt to taste in order to bring out the charred sweetness of the peppers.
    — Mike

  2. Hi Mike,
    Yes, basil is probably the better fit (and more traditional); lately, I’ve been experimenting with parsley and like the stronger, earthy, contrast with the sweet peppers.
    Salt is key!!! Thanks for the post!

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