9 Healthy Italian Inspired Recipes

We covered lots of food here on Scordo, including some not so healthy, everyday type of, dishes or recipes (salami, cheese, fried rice balls, etc.).  In turn, I’ve searched the archives of the site and found 9 Healthy, Italian Inspired, Recipes that you can make every week and feel both satisfied and good about what you’re putting into your body (and remember “feeling satisfied” is the number one key to not gaining weight; more on this below).

One of the world’s super fish in terms of nutritional content; mackerel is easy to prepare and super tasty, in my view.  The fish also leaves you feeling full and satisfied.

2. Minestrone

Minestrone is truly a peasant dish and in the old days it was made as a Spring soup with whatever vegetables the cook had in his or her home.  Romano beans have a nice amount of protein and if you sprinkle a bit of grated cheese prior to consuming you’ll need to look hard to find a better soup.

3. Pesto Tuna Salad


Pesto tuna truly explodes with flavor and protein.  I like to consume it as a main course when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to do more than open up a can of good imported tuna in olive oil. Click here for my pesto recipe.

We get a lot wrong about Italian food in the US and it often leads to a huge consumption of calories (to make up for lost flavor).  In my view, one of the keys to loosing weight (or more importantly not gaining it!) is eating super flavorful foods (if you do this you will not consume excess calories because you’ll feel full and satisfied).  Try roasted eggplant parmigiana.

5. Pea Soup


Another soup packed with flavor and protein that will leave you feeling full – pea soup deserves your attention!

6. Italian Beef Stew


Everyone should aim to limit their consumption of red meat in my view but if you like your beef than this Italian beef stew is a must try.

7. Skirt Steak

OK, ok, I just told you to limit your beef consumption but I couldn’t help include my Argentinian-Italian inspired skirt steak recipe (plus sides).

8. Wild Cod Risotto

Repeat after me, “risotto is not hard to prepare”  Good, now try my recipe and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make wild cod risotto and feel as though you’ve eaten a dish made for a king.


Wild salmon is a favorite of mine and I consume it once per week; in this iteration I paired it with couscous, rainbow chard, and a yogurt sauce.  Super good, clean tasting, and healthy.

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