Dining in the 21st Century at LTK Bar and Kitchen


The LTK Bar and Kitchen poses the question what does dining in the 21st century look like?  And according to the Boston-based restaurant it includs wi-fi and IPODS that can be docked at patron tables:

“What does dining in the 21st century look like for the city of Boston? It includes a high-tech atmosphere which includes: WiFi access, and an array of menu selections. In a nutshell, the new LTK restaurant on South Boston’s Waterfront.

The state-of-the-art Legal Test Kitchen offers a glimpse into some of the restaurant industry’s most innovative technology. The POS stations are WiFi, IPODs can be docked at the table, mood lighting system will change through the day, and a menu offering multi-cultural cuisine.”

I’m not sure if the mission statement or restaurant philosophy is compelling, but their dishes are very tasty.  I had the clam chowder and the LTK Paella (with fish, shellfish, chicken, chorizo, in a roasted tomatoes broth over saffron risotto).

See the menu here.

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