Foods I Live On Part I: Kashi Autumn Wheat, Trader Joe’s Prunes, Genovo Tonno/Tuna, Fage Yogurt, and Bird’s Eye Soybeans


wheat.jpgLets face it, most folks eat the same food products day in and day out (for the most part) and even as a self described “Foodie” I also fall right in line with the aforementioned way of eating.  So here’s a quick list of foods I tend to eat very often (note: I try to have tuna only once a week given mercury concerns) and I think are also stellar on the ratio of protein/nutrients to fat/taste scale :

  • Kashi Autumn Wheat – amazing taste and “fill you up” goodness. No corn syrup and a great, subtle sweetness. One box will last you a good 1.5 weeks and it’s friggin organic!
  • Trader Joe’s Dried Prunes – provides a great energy boost and they have no sorbates unlike many other dried fruits on the market.  The prunes work well as a mid day snack, pre tennis energy jolt, or in the morning with your cereal and coffee.
  • Genovo Tonno (or tuna) in Olive Oil – great, healthy, protein (don’t ever, ever eat the stuff they put in water – it’s tasteless).  Put this stuff on bread with a slice of tomato, some salt, and a litle extra olive oil and you’re in heaven.
  • Fage Yogurt – my wife got me into this type of yogurt and it’s capital D-elicous.  Also, it has tons of protein, low fat, and is nice and filling (because the water is drained and it feels silky and satisying).
  • Bird’s Eye Shelled Soybeans – again, tons of protein here.  Mix with brown rice or make some linguine and toss with olive oil, garlic, parsley, and lots of parmigiano reggiano (the king of cheeses).


  1. Thanks for giving props to your wife!

  2. Thanks for giving props to your wife!

  3. Thanks for giving props to prunes.

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