The Perfect Spring Lunch – Sauvignon Blanc, Eggs, Olives, and Tuna in Oil


horsewell-john-french-countryside-iii-2104836.jpgIt doesn’t feel as though Spring has officially arrived here on the East Coast, but you can welcome Spring by preparing the perfect Spring lunch (well at least in the opinion of this humble cook):

The Wine:

Start with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, preferablly from Australia and, moreover, from the Marlborough region.  Chill the bottle nicely and don’t pay beyond, say, $12.00 (you used to be able to get wonderful Sauvignon Blanc for under $10.00, even around $7.00 –  $8.00 but the wine snobs have caught on and the prices are rising).

The Eggs:

Buy some organic eggs or visit a local farmer’s market (if you have the option).  Eggs are perfect for the Spring and Summer (light, but yet filling).  Make a nice omelet with a little fresh cream, salt, pepper, thyme and parsley.  You can fill the omelet with cheese (no American Singles, please); rather use some nice white cheddar from Wisconsin or a nice French Brie.  The key to egg making is NOT to overcook the eggs and NOT to let the curd set up (you don’t want a tough chewy egg, rather you want the egg to be a bit runny, whether you’re doing scramble, fried, or omelet style preparation). 

So, for an omelet beat the eggs well with all of the ingredients except for the cheese, thereafter adds eggs to a warm (not scalding hot) pan and here’s the trick: move the pan and your wooden spoon quickly, forming small delicate curds.  Let the curds set up a little (given that you’ll need the egg to be a bit firm to hold the cheese) and add the diced cheese to one side of the egg.  Thereafter turn the egg over to one side and plate the omelet.

The Bread:

Buy some wonderful bread.  If you happen to leave near New York City go and buy some Sullivan Street bread.  Good bread is a good enough reason to live in a major city in the U.S. (there are other reasons but this one is pretty important).

The Olives:

Buy some olives (the French kind with Herbs De Provence are nice), these are called,  Nicoise.  Kalamatas or Greek olives are tasty.  I prefer tiny Italian (black) olives from Calabria.

The Tuna in Olive Oil (please not water packed Starkist):

Buy canned Italian tuna packed in Olive Oil and dress it with a bit more olive oil, salt, pepper, and dried oregano.

The Finish:

That’s it!  Sit outside in the sun, but covered underneath an umbrella (that’s not a paradox!) and enjoy.  And don’t rush.  Oh, finish the meal with an espresso and a nap.


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  2. I never like eggs in hot, summer weather. Something about them is very unsatisfying. Spring eggs are great though.

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