How To Plant Shrubs


copper.jpgThe Fall is the best time to both purchase and plant shrubs or trees.   On the purchasing side, most home centers and landscape shops are looking to clear inventory so you should be able to find nice deals (Home Depot, for example, has a 75% percent off shrubs sale currently).

In terms of planting, the cool days and nights are perfect for shrubs and trees to establish a strong root system and acclimate to the soil and a new location.

In fact, if you get your shrubs/trees in the ground before the ground freezes you can even plant in November!  Most plants come with planting instructions and it’s a good idea to follow them closely.  For example, I recently purchased a bunch of Coppertina shrubs and the instruction call for:

– digging a whole twice the diameter of the pot the plant came in
– planting about 6 feet apart on center, if planting a series for a hedge
– fertilize and water regularly after planting

Planting your own shrubs and trees is quite easy and it only requires a few basic tools:

– shovel
– fertilizer (I like using bone meal)
– hi-quality top soil to fill the whole made for the shrub/tree

Trees, shrubs, and plants add value to your home and provide a wonderful aesthetic (after all, what would you rather look during the winter months: a white vinyl fence or a series of rich, dark green hollies against freshly fallen snow?)..

Some of my favorite shrubs include

Cherry Laurel

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