Extra Virgin Olive Oils for Tomato Salad and Fresh Mozzarella


One of my favorite ways to consume olive oil is via the simple and humble tomato salad.  Our tomato salad is prepared with red onion, basil, dried oregano, Kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper and the best extra virgin olive oil we can get our hands on.  
Recently, we’ve fallen in love with two extra virgin olive oils that seem to have been made just for tomato salads (and, by association, whole milk mozzarella).  Specifically, we’re talking about Pace da Poggio Etrusco and Laudemio Frescobaldi.  The Pace de Poggio Etrusco hails from Siena in Toscana and has a slightly sweet character along with floral and herbal notes.  The Laudemio Frescobaldi (first pressing, 2010) from Chianti Ruffina has peppery notes and reminds me of the many spring vegetables such as artichoke, asparagus, and peas.   


You can’t go wrong with either extra virgin olive oil mentioned above; the Laudemio is a bit more complex and well rounded, though the Poggio Etrusco is more accessible.  Both olive oils are not supermarket products so they’re a bit expensive, but like many consumer products (including fine dress shoes, clothing, etc.) you truly get what you pay for.  Enjoy!



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