How Many Shoes Should a Man Own?


bruno1.jpgAs I’ve stated in an earlier post, please don’t skimp when it comes to purchasing food and shoes.  Specifically, on the latter item, I believe the well dressed man should own about six pair of high-quality footwear including:

Classic Brown and Black Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are the bedrock of any nice wardrobe (female or male).  For the sharp dressed man a pair of classic oxford dress shoes is essential.  The shoes should have both a leather lining and sole (Nappa leather is ideal and if they’re hand made in Italy then you’ve found yourself a winner).  A well constructed dress shoe will technically last forever provided you:

  • Use cedar shoe trees when not wearing shoes (this will ensure shape and remove moisture from the sole).
  • Clean shoes regularly with quality products like Kiwi (you should have leather shoe polish and a brush for polishing).
  • Quickly dry exterior of shoe if it’s exposed to water for a long period of time.
  • Once the exterior leather sole has worn, replace it at your local shoe repair shop.

Your classic dress shoes can be worn with a suit, at the office, or at a fancy restaurant.  Having both brown and black leather shoes gives you more flexibility with pant, shirt, and belt colors.  In terms of quality brands, Bruno Magli makes excellent hand-made shoes, I particularly like the Bruno Magli Rale.   

Black Loafers

The same rules mentioned for dress shoes apply for loafers.  Look for high-quality materials and construction and, again, clean often and store properly.  I like wearing loafers with jeans or for casual Fridays at the office.  The Bruno Magli Ruler is a classic black loafer.

Leather Sandals

Sandals are a must for the summer season.  Sandals go well with casual shorts, a linen shirt, or jeans.  I like the Tommy Bahama Augusta as it’s lightweight and well constructed. 

Waterproof Hiking Boots

A pair of leather, Gore-Tex lined, boots are critical for the winter months and for working around the house on serious projects.  My absolute favorite boot of all time is the Vasque Sundowner GTX, as it’s light weight, supportive, and very versatile.  I purchased my last pair in 1994 and I’d say the boot probably has another year before needing replacing (15 years isn’t a bad run).

Classic White Sneakers

I like to have a pair of very casual sneaker to wear to a friend’s house or with jeans on crisp Fall day.  I’ve been buying Adidas Men’s Ct Classic STR Leather Tennis Shoes for a long time and they’re a nice value.

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  1. It must be nice to be able to find any shoe, sandal, or boot in your size…with a size 15, I can never own The Bruno Magli Ruler.

  2. At least you can fill up a Trojan Magnum.

  3. Wow, Evan, that is a big shoe size. Where do you buy your shoes?

  4. i really love the adidas choice as i have the same pair as you vinnie! great minds think alike!

  5. Now, if I only had the income to buy these damn shoes…

  6. Hey, Matt, thanks for posting and the great haircut today! I noticed the kicks today and wanted to mention that, indeed, great minds think alike!

  7. The income will come soon! But, yes, high quality dress shoes usually cost well over $200, but the ROI is great because you can clean leather and repair sole (making them lifetime investments)!

  8. Vincent –
    You truly are a scholar and a gentleman (perhaps who plays on the other team? — just kidding!).
    Best regards,

  9. Urban Clothing store burnt.

    I love this sites layout. Who did this?

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  11. Good article Vincent.

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