Quick Review: Single Cup Coffee Dripper from Sweet Maria’s


I’m a big fan of the AeroPress single cup coffee maker, but one minor drawback of their simple system is that there are quite a few parts to assemble and clean (the inexpensive AeroPress still, however, brews a great cup of coffee).  Recently, I was given a nifty single cup coffee maker (by way of Dr. K, a dedicated Scordo.com reader) made by Sweet Maria’s called the Clever Coffee Dripper ($15.00).

The Coffee Dripper uses a filtercone and is simple to use (in fact, I think this is one of the easiest consumer coffee products to use on the planet).  The unit differs from a normal filtercone via a stopper added to the bottom and as the product description states, “water only drains once the filtercone is placed onto a cup.”

The Dripper is a kind of a French Press and filter brewer all in one (but it combines the flavor and quality of the French Press method with the ease of use (brew time is 4 minutes) and easy clean up of a filter drip brewer).  In my view, the Dripper is perfect for use at the office or at home when you’re only looking to make a single cup of coffee.  The unit does require a filter ($3.95 for 40) and it is not safe for washing in the microwave.   


  1. I’ll be sure not to wash it in the microwave. 😉

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