Why I Like to Clean and Some Tips on Cleaning


new_house3.jpgThere’s something about a freshly vacuumed carpet or newly washed windows that gets me excited – call me boring and dull, but I really do love cleaning stuff!  The fascination started when I was a young chap, often vacuuming and sweeping for my mother and grandmother.  As a college student, I would secretly curse my roommate for not making his bed or coming into our room with muddy boots.  And when my wife and I rented our first apartment, she certainly saw the “clean freak” in all his glory!

With the above said, however, I don’t enjoy every domestic task (for example, I despise ironing, making large beds, and cleaning bathrooms).  Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite cleaning/domestic chores and how I go about getting them done:

Washing Tile Floors

Start with a good sweep and thereafter vacuum the dirt pile; a dustess floor is key to a good mop job.  Next, mix 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts hot water and get your mop nice and wet (I like this Italian Floor Mop but you don’t have to get fancy as your local supermarket mop will do just as well).  Mop the floor in sections and ring out your mop often.  Let the floor air dry and enjoy the clean floor!  NOTE: some folks do not use white vinegar on porcelain or ceramic tile because they claim the grout will discolor; I personally have not seen this, but you could use Spic and Span or any pine oil based cleaner as a substitute for white vinegar.

Hardwood Floors

Again, start by removing dust from the floors.  I like to use Swiffer (they are great products!) and aim to dust our hardwood floors at least once a week (and more often if we have heavy traffic).  Thereafter, and only if floors appear dull or have marks on them, use two clean terry cloth towels and Bona X Hardwood Floor Cleaner to spot clean any marked up/soiled areas.  You should spray the area gently and thereafter rub the area with one towel and use a second towel to dry (do not let the solution air dry).  It’s also important not to use Murphy’s Oil or Orange Glow for Hardwood floors as these products will create a hazy film and dull your floors.


Never let grease or oil dry overnight on your black or stainless steel stovetop.  The key is to first wipe down the top with paper towels and thereafter use ordinary dish soap and a clean sponge or cloth to clean the messy areas.  The soap should be cleaned up with a second cloth or sponge and then dried thoroughly.


Wipe down your granite countertops nightly and make sure they are sealed properly, I like to use StoneTech products  every six months or so.  On every 2nd or 3rd night (depending on how much cooking you do) your countertops should be wiped down with a wet cloth and thereafter a solution of simple dish soap and hot water should be used (being careful not to make the solution to watery).  Finally, wipe down the counters with a clean wet cloth and dry with a third cloth.  I’ve also used a solution of white vinegar and water and I’ve found it to work very well for granite.


Do not use Windex!!   Buy a plastic bucket, a squeegee, terry cloth towels, large sponge, and ordinary dish soap.  Start by washing down the windows with soap and water via a sponge.  Next, use a second wet sponge to go over the glass removing the excess soap and water.  Thereafter, use your squeegee to remove all water from the glass (this should be the last time you touch the glass).  Your windows should be spotless and have no residue or haze, as you would normally get with a Windex type product.

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  1. Great tips, I clean my hardwood floors apple cider vinegar.

  2. Can you come over to clean my house? How much will it cost?

  3. So I am always thinking of new ideas for television shows or books. After reading this post, I think you should have a show on HGTV and don’t worry, I’ve already come up with a name:
    Vinnie Cleans: With Grappa and a Mop-a
    It could be a cooking/cleaning show starring you. What do you think? Can I produce?

  4. Evan, that’s a great idea, can we pitch to HGTV. An alternative title could be, “Vin Cleans it Right – All you need is Grappa and a Rag”
    You can produce and co-star, I can’t have all the glory!

  5. What a fine post! It makes me rethink my slovenly ways. Perhaps I too can achieve a dustess floor.

  6. Great tips for cleaning. I especially agree with using the Swiffer to dust hardwood floors. A vacuum can never pick up all the dust like the Swiffer can. It is very important to have a clean house. I didn’t realize what a complete mess I was until I got married. My husband told me to stop living like I’m still in my college dorm, which was a complete disaster. I realized that living in a mess affected my quality of life. Couldn’t find anything, which resulted in stress and wasted time. I was the “queen of clutter.” Reading your post makes me want to strive to do better. I’m going to start cleaning right now.

  7. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for posting! I can’t tell you good it feels to clean, it’s kind of like working out or finishing a big project (you get a sense of accomplishing a task and you get your house clean in the process)!
    Look for more cleaning posts!

  8. David,
    Don’t be a slob, clean often and enjoy the end results!

  9. Really, does the cider vinegar smell strange in the house?

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  12. Vincent,
    Thanks for the post, but I would like to add my experience. While I am cleaning my hardwood floors, I am using terry cloth towels with a long texture, because long textured towels swipe better than the thin ones.
    It is just an advise for everybody.

  13. Nice one to read and apply while cleaning. Great post. I always use products from Weloveyourfloors – online shop

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