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Good morning everyone and if you’re located on the East Coast, I hope you’re enjoying the Fall weather!  In the NYC area, there are still a few Norway Maples with bright yellow leaves, but the Sycamores, Red Maples, and Red and White Oaks have lost their leaves.  
While the trees may be loosing their leaves, readers are gaining a new feature: a quarterly “What’s New” newsletter!   The quarterly newsletter will feature top stories, insightful comments from readers, the best in Italian food and home lifestyle products, and other great original content you’ve come to expect from, including:
Tips on Practical Living
How To Save Money, Yet Live a High Quality Life
Food Advice and Recipes
Home and Garden How To
You’ll receive the “What’s New” newsletter four (4) times per year, so you don’t have to worry about your inbox swelling with more unread email   
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