Fresh Peas

Pea pod with escaping peas.

One of the nice things about having Italian parents is that they spoil you with free food.  For example, I arrived home the other day to find about a pound of fresh peas that my father had delivered earlier in the day (now that he’s retired he spends his days searching for the best fruits and vegetables, among other critical tasks).

We immediately shucked the peas (via the capable hands of our 2.5 year old) and made a dish of Risi e Bisi, an interesting dish that is not quite risotto and not quite soup.  We also considered making a big bowl of pea soup, but  decided on the rice and peas dish.

Pea pods aren’t difficult to open though you’ll need to experiment with a few before you get into a groove and shuck efficiently.  Peas can be enjoyed simply be steaming for 10-14 minutes (adding some good extra virgin olive oil or butter and salt/pepper) and served along side a beautiful piece of fish (the ideal accompaniment for peas, in our view).

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  1. wow Vin, looks great.  Peas are also a lot of fun to grow…have you tried this in your garden?

    All the best,  Cy

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