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What To Always Keep in Your Kitchen: Top Ingredients for Great Food

I’m kicking myself for missing a great food article by Mark Bittman published back in January.  The article, “Fresh Start for a New Year?  Let’s Begin in the Kitchen”, is a one stop source for what every aspiring cook needs to have in his/her pantry and fridge to cook well and, more importantly, quickly! Let’s get right down to the […]

Bathroom Remodeling 101: 5 Tips

Next to renovating your kitchen, a bathroom renovation can, in most cases, provide outstanding ROI for a homeowner.  Beyond ROI, a newly constructed bathroom can also provide a homeowner with years of leak-proof functionality and enjoyment.  If you’re considering renovating the one room in your house that can make you look pretty, here are some quick tips: 1. Porcelain is […]

Cool Products: Handheld Espresso Machine (no cord!) by MyPressi Twist

Cool Products: Handheld Espresso Machine (no cord!) by MyPressi Twist

MyPressi Twist is taking pre-orders for a unique, hand-held, espresso machine that promises an outstanding cup without the need to plug in a bulky machine.  The Twist uses pneumatic pressure, via re-chargeable Co2 cartridges, throughout the extraction cycle.  The CEO of MyPressi promises that his little caffeine stick provides tons of crema and real espresso goodness all for under $129.00.  […]