Cool Products: Handheld Espresso Machine (no cord!) by MyPressi Twist



MyPressi Twist is taking pre-orders for a unique, hand-held, espresso machine that promises an outstanding cup without the need to plug in a bulky machine.  The Twist uses pneumatic pressure, via re-chargeable Co2 cartridges, throughout the extraction cycle.  The CEO of MyPressi promises that his little caffeine stick provides tons of crema and real espresso goodness all for under $129.00.  The Twist requires the user to boil water and either use pre-ground espresso beans or espresso pods.  I’ve yet to try MyPressi Twist, but the technology and end product look impressive!  If you don’t want to spend $129.00, however, there’s always stovetop espresso!

A competing product which I have experience using is the Handpresso Wild ESE, see my review and photos here.  


  1. You also have the Handpresso (, which doesn’t need CO2 cartridges!

  2. Hi Nono,
    Thanks for the link! I like the fact that no CO2 cartridges are needed for the Handpresso, but it seems the unit only takes pod and only has a single dispenser (so it would be difficult to make a double shot for two individuals – you would need to transfer from a single cup ). However, the true test is taste, so I would love to try the unit at some point (also, the unit does look easy to clean)!

  3. I don’t like the fact that I’ll be using a CO2 cartridge every time I make an espresso. That seems, to my mind anyway, super wasteful. Though, with Vince, the technology *looks* beautiful, and the end product also looks scrumptious.

  4. Robb, yes the downside is the C02 cartridge, but the Handpresso unit only uses coffee pods (that is, you can’t use freshly ground coffee so flavor/taste will be compromised). In my view, both units have trade offs(viz., C02 cartridge or reliance of pods).

  5. I just saw that Handpresso is introducing a model that works with ground coffee. So, no cartridges, no pods, no batteries, no electricity… Isn’t that beautyful?

  6. Portable Espresso Take Two: HandPresso Wild Domepod Review

    At first glance it just doesn’t make any sense.  That is to say, how could a shot of liquid gold (aka, fresh espresso) come out of a handheld device?  Afterall, if you walk into your neighborhood café or Starbucks…

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