What the Heck is Scordo?


calabria.jpgOkay, it’s my tenth post and I should tell you a little more about my last name and the domain name of this site, Scordo.com.  Both my parents hail from the extreme southern
province of Calabria, Italy – think of the tip of the boot (they were born there and could see Sicily from the Mediterranean coast near their 200 year old stone homes). 

So, apparently my ancestors had pretty bad memories because Scordo literally means, “to forget or have forgotten.”  My last name is actually pretty appropriate given that my short term memory isn’t exactly best in class.  Take my inability to remember first names at cocktail parties or business meetings; I’ve been known to embarrass myself at the aforementioned events on more than a couple of occasions (I do recover gracefully, however).    Anyway, better to have a short term memory lapse as opposed to a receding hairline or oversized gut (both of which, I’m happy to report, I don’t possess, as of yet).

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