Selected for Blog Carnivals: The Penny Daily & MoneyNing

IMG_2961.jpg hosted Money Hacks Carnival #55 and included’s post, “Benefiting From the Recession.”  

The Penny Daily hosted the Carnival of Everything Money #6 and included’s post, “Top Collosal Money Wasters: 11 Tips
For other top, practical living blog, entries this week, see:
>> read my mind and wrote “7 Tips To Extend the Life Of Your Business Clothing
>> Cooking Up a Story has the “All American Pie Dough Recipe.”
>> From From Broke asks the question whether “Is Savings 8-12 months Expenses Even Possible or Practical?”  – I think it’s both necessary and do-able, by the way.  
>> has the “Top 6 Reasons Why Using Cash-Only Rocks” – this is music to my ears.


  1. I’m a little slow on this but thanks for the mention!

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