Pecorino “Monte Poro” Aged Sheep’s Milk Cheese from Calabria



(photo: small block of Pecorino “Monte Poro” from Calabria)

Sit down for a meal at any restaurant or home in Calabria and you’ll most likely encounter some variation of sheep’s milk cheese; specifically, Pecorino.  During our recent trip to Calabria, for example, we ate Pecorino 4-5x per week and often mixed in a platter with local salumi and olives.

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One of my favorite sheep’s milk cheeses, and the cheese I choose to bring back to the US this summer, is Pecorino “Monte Poro”  The cheese is aged 3 months and has great balance of sweet and tart/tang flavors with that unmistakable lanolin scent common to most sheep’s milk cheeses.  Monte Poro is also moister than most aged Pecorinos giving it great mouth feel.  
(photo: slice of Pecorino “Monte Poro”)


(photo: slice of Pecorino “Monte Poro”)

You can find Pecorino Monte Poro from the excellent online, Calabria, food shop Eterni Sapori Di Calabria.  


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  2. Hi Vincent,
    I’m taking some clients for Sicily to Amalfi by car and I need to stop somewhere in Calabria. I came across your site and thought you mite have an suggestion? A wine or cheese tasting would be great!

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