Does Time Equal Money? The Time Paradox by Phillip Zimbardo


money2.jpgJust how is time perceived and has the concept of time changed across human history?  Phillip Zimbardo aims to answer the above questions in his new book, The Time Paradox.

Zimbardo touches on a few “fun facts” surrounding human perception, attitudes, and facts towards time, for example:

  • Individuals living near the equator tend to be less “future oriented” and more concerned about the “present”. 
  • The more education an individuals has received the more “future oriented” the person tends to be.
  • In a well publicized study, young children who are offered one treat now or two treats later (thus delaying gratification and positioning themselves in the future) tend to score better on the SAT (and is a better predictor of success than IQ).

Listen to an Interview with Zimbardo on the Leonard Lopate show from

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