Best of Money Carnival #52 : Practical Money Edition



(photo: while rice balls have nothing to do with personal finance, they are indeed delicious and contribute to a great quality of life!  Thanks A. Williams for sharing her Crispy coated Pesto Sausage Arancini with Mozzarella, served with Basil Pesto photo!)
Welcome to the 52nd Best of Money Carnival! If you’re not familiar with the concept of a “blog carnival”, it’s simply a showcase of great blog posts from the past week (in this instance, on the topics of money and personal finance). This week’s posts cover a wide range of topics, from new ways to save money to taking advantage of unemployment to figuring out why we love money to key money mistakes to avoid.
Here’s the top ten for the week of May 24th.  All article proved to be great reads, but I especially enjoyed PT Money’s pragmatic article on quick ways to save money.  I’m a sucker for easy to digest personal finance principles and the article does a good job of telling folks exactly what they need to do to be come financially independent.  Go and read 104 Ways to Save Extra Money and figure out what you need to do to take advantage of some great money tips!
Update: 5/25/10.  After reading tip #53 in PT Money’s 104 Ways To Save Extra Money, I wanted to point out the balance between leading a high quality life and, well, being cheap.   PT Money suggests that ground coffee can be re-used and as a self labeled coffee snob I must object.  Good quality coffee beans should be ground immediately before use and discarded (or added to the compost heap) after one use.  Drinking watered down, re-brewed, coffee is not my idea of leading a good life.  There’s a certainly I fine line between saving money and enjoying life (and I think drinking good coffee is part of the latter).  Moreover, as my good friend Dr. K points out, if you really want to save money on coffee, then the best method is to purchase pre-roasted whole coffee beans (from a high quality online retailer like, Sweet Marias, for example) and roast the beans at home.  Given that most whole bean coffee sold at retail is past it’s prime, and that you can make a high quality roasting machine out of spare parts at home, it’s much more economical (not to mention the quality level) to roast and grind your own coffee at home.   
Full List:
– With so many folks out of work Startup Digest tackles a serious and important issue in Unemployment is the Mother of All Invention
– One of the great life skills that is often overlooked is how to negotiate; Provident Planning addresses Negotiation Skills.  
– A question that if often ignored when spending money is debated by MoneyNing: “Is that Really an Investment
– Greg at Eliminate the Muda tackles a difficult money topic: Financial Intervention with Aging Parents.  
– It’s never a bad idea to remind one self that money cannot buy everything; Lakita from One Money Design addresses the topic in Some Things Money Can’t Buy.  
– The Writer’s Coin gets philosophical with “Why We Love Money: Fear
– One of my favorite topics is addressed by the folks at Money Help for Christians: Buying a House: Is it an Investment or a Home?
– Free Money Finance on a classic personal finance subject: The 10 Worst Money Mistakes Anyone Can Make


  1. Thanks for including my MoneyNing article in this week’s Carnival!

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  3. Thanks for including me! Honored to be the winner this week.

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  5. Thanks for the great articles, everyone!
    PT, I added a little update and hope you don’t mind. Loved all your tips, but had to qualify #53 given that I preach both leading a high quality life and being frugal on (re-using ground coffee is something I can’t advocate given that you can find better savings, and quality, if you roast your own beans at home). Just my two cents….

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  7. Roast Your Own Coffee Beans


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