A Columbus Day Weekend with Italian Cheese, Salumi, Truffle Honey, and Cherry Preserves


You have to love any establishment that sells over 200,000 pounds of Italian cheese in a given week, in turn we’ve fallen deeply in love with the Pittsburgh based, Pennsylvania Macaroni Company.  The Italian food store was started in 1902 by Sicilian immigrants from Trabia and they now carry well over 5,000 Italian specialty items, including an online business that will slice imported salumi and cheese for you and ship it anywhere in the United States!


(photo: the wonderful Miele al Tartufo <truffle honey> from Calugi via the small specialty shop LoveFromItalia.com and Prunotto Cherry Preserves from DiPaloSelects.com – all on various cheeses from Penn Mac Company)

The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company was gracious enough to send us samples of five expertly crafted Italian cheeses, including:
  • Piave – similar to Parmiggiano Reggiano but less nutty and intense
  • Pecorino Toscano Aged D.O.C – an aged sheep’s milk cheese from northern Italy
  • Auricchio Provolone – the most famous sharp provolone on the planet.
  • Pecorino from Sicilia – great nutty flavor and firm texture
  • Aged Asiago D.O.C – a semi hard cheese compared to the soft type   
(photo: cheeses <including Pecorino Toscano Aged D.O.C, Pecorino from Sicilia, Aged Asiago D.O.C, Piave, Aged Asiago D.O.C> and roasted red peppers and stuffed hot peppers)

All of the cheeses were packed very well and held up during the shipping process.  Our favorites included the Pecorino from Sicilia and the Aged Asiago.  We paired a few of the cheeses with a wonderful Miele al Tartufo (truffle honey) from Calugi via the small specialty shop LoveFromItalia.com and Prunotto Cherry Preserves from DiPaloSelects.com.  The truffle honey paired very well with the sharp Auricchio Provolone while the cherry preserves were ideal with the semi soft aged Asiago.    



(photo: left to right: prosciutto San Daniele, mortadella, Genoa salame, and sopressata; including some stuffed hot peppers with prosciutto and cheese)

On the salumi side (and we take salumi seriously here at Scordo.com), the Penn Mac Company shipped us four pounds of sliced meats including imported Genoa salame, mortadella, domestic sopressata, and Prosciutto San Daniele; the meats came wonderfully packaged with plenty of ice packs, though both the mortadella and San Daniele prosciutto were sliced a bit too thick.  Nevertheless, the option of ordering imported sliced meats (that are sliced to order and shipped quickly) is a great option for folks who have moved away from a large city and do not have access to an Italian specialty shop nor want to buy and store large quantities of whole muscle cuts or salame.  

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