From the Archive: Feast of the Seven Fishes


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Have a great holiday!
Best wishes,


  1. Vince, I totally agree with the point in this post about the satisfaction of good food over material possessions. I like to spend money on quality food as opposed to anything else, not really caring about the seemingly “important things” like the HDTV or the luxury car.
    Although we have not carried on the tradition of the seven fishes recently, I look forward to bringing that back in future years. Some of the best Christmas Eve memories I have are with my grandmother making the fried fish, and shrimp with spaghetti and oil and garlic. Fantastic!
    I love the site, and being an Italian American who is also looking to build a blog with quality content, I will be most interested to see what you have to post here in 2010.

  2. Hi Joe,
    Glad you like the site! And, yes, you should do a holiday with the seven fishes (if you have access to a good fish shop then it will be quite easy to prepare the dishes).
    Let me know if you’d ever like to do a guest post on once you get your site up and running.

  3. Great post Vince! Indeed this looks like a beautiful and delicious tradition.

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