Simple Fried Egg Sandwich with Provola



Back in April, I posted about one of my favorite egg sandwiches made with a simple fried egg, fresh humus, and slices of ripe tomato on a whole wheat Ciabatta.  Sandwiches prepared with a perfectly fried egg (with a warm runny yoke) are ideal because the egg provides both the protein (white) and the dressing (yoke).  For me, the combination of silky yoke with tender egg white on a fresh piece of bread is sandwich nirvana.  


Recently, I prepared a simple egg sandwich with lots of freshly ground black pepper and Kosher salt and a single, hand cut, slice of Provola.  I made the sandwich on surprisingly good Chiabata from the in-house bakery at our local Whole Foods.  I also included a side of basmati rice sautéed with mushrooms (cremini) and lots of fresh parsley.  I enjoyed the sandwich with a cold glass of Leffe Blonde.   


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