The Perfect Package – How the Accord, Queen, and Olive Oil Conquered the Consumer World


There are certain things that, in my humble view, can’t really be improved (given the current state of the art) here are three examples in three categories (Automobile, Music, and Food)

The 2008 Honda Accord

I can’t remember which Auto publication used the following phrase but the newly redesigned Accord was described as the, “perfect people mover.”  The Accord has a wonderful engine (in either the 4 or 6 cylinder variant), best in class interior ergonomics, brilliant space (no knee crunching in the back seat), and classic exterior styling (that is to say, the design will not age too quickly).  Why would you buy any other vehicle on the market today?

The Rock Band Queen

My cousin and I purchased each and every Queen CD by the time we reached the age of 12. We spent countless weekends listening to Freddie Mercury’s wonderful voice and wondered how on earth someone could sing rock songs so well!  If you’re into the rock / pop thing you can’t get any better than Queen.  For a nice primer on Queen see some clips from their concert at Wembley.  

Olive Oil

The first thing I reach for when I begin cooking each night is my bottle of olive oil.  Olive oil has tremendous health benefits and can be used in virtually every type of basic food prep including: in salads as a dressing, in sautéing for meats and vegetables, in soups as a base for your carrot, onion, and celery mixture, in pastas for most sauces, etc.  And, if push comes to shove, you can use olive oil as a shoe polish, cleaning agent, hair conditioner and or styling agent, and as a shaving cream substitute (don’t laugh, my Calabrian grandfather had a smooth face, shiny cow-hide shoes and lovely hair).

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