Summer Foods, Fruits, and Vegetables and Why I Almost Hugged our TV

peaches in Calabria, Italy on the grounds of Zia's farm

I almost hugged our TV last night.  Well, I didn’t exactly get up off the couch to embrace our electronic box because I was under a fleece blanket and several layers of wool and cotton and getting up would have meant losing the precious body heat trapped in my vicinity.  What prompted the urge to hug our TV was the 4th round of the Australian Open tennis tournament underway in Melbourne, Australia.  The lovely, and liquid crystal induced, images comprised of sunny weather and tan spectators made me yearn for our summer here in the Western hemisphere.  And while the first day of Spring is several months away my Mediterranean blood desires warm days now.

Alas, I don’t have magical abilities when it comes to controlling the vicinity of the sun in relation to our small planet, so barring a move to Australia I’ll patiently wait for the warm weather to arrive here in the United States.  If the wait is too much for you to bare, then have a look at some of our food photos from last summer which should help with your mental state; I can’t help with the physical, sorry:

black fig from our NJ garden in late August
tomato salad from August)
pesto made from first picked basil leaves


basil in bloom during mid summer


a mini eggplant nearly ripe from our NJ garden
an almost ready white fig from our NJ garden
a cucumber from our NJ garden ready to be plucked


  1. Great Photos Vin, especially like the peaches from Italy! Best regards.

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