Photos From An Italian Garden in America, Part II


(photo: basil, parsley, and Japanese eggplant from our Italian garden in New Jersey)

Back in August of last year we posted some photos of our Italian American garden and we thought we’d share an updated series of photos from our current garden.  We recently harvested Japanese eggplant, flat green beans, basil, parsley, arugula, and chili peppers.    
With the basil and parsley we made our first pesto sauce of the season and our flat green beans and chilies went into a dish comprised of fried potatoes, tomato paste, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil.

(photo: flat beans <Romano> with some random basil leaves)

(photo: basil ready for pesto making)

(photo: patch of green beans)

(photo: plenty of wild mint)

(photo: Japanese eggplant before harvesting)

(photo: wild arugula)

(photo: Japanese eggplant before harvesting)

(photo: potato and green beans)

(photo: first pesto sauce of the season prepared with fettuccine) 


(photo: flat green beans, arugula, basil, and Japanese eggplant)

(photo: Japanese eggplant ready to be cooked!)

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