Italian Children’s Book: Colors Italiano by Sonya Caruso


Our 22 month old son Tommaso has been on a frenetic streak over the last 6 months, that is to say, he has both the energy and ferocity to take on any task including doing full fledge sprints with theatrical spins and twirls, pooping dramatically, greeting family members and complete strangers ad nauseam, separating his parents from a warm embrace and kiss (read: jealousy), and reading letters/sections of books with Herculean zeal.

It’s the later task that I’m especially proud of as a father and I credit my wife for doing most of the “heavy lifting” with Tommaso.  Erin is also a teacher by training so Tommaso is lucky to have an advocate for reading, letters, numbers, and all thing academic in our house.  

Recently, Tommaso had the pleasure of reading through Sonya Caruso’s second Italian children’s book entitled Colors Italiano (we reviewed Sonya’s first book ABC Italiano back in December of 2010).  Colors Italiano includes wonderful, and relevant, illustrations that grab a young reader’s attention. Moreover, each page contains a sentence using the given color in context so your child can also begin reading along.    
Sonya’s books are perfect for introducing your young child to the Italian language and I highly recommend both ABC Italiano and Colors Italiano.  
Find it: Colors Italiano, $8.95 at


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