Scrumptious Italian Desserts

pastries are art in Italy and each ingredient is specially selected to make the given item blow your mind!

One of the biggest fallacies in the Italian culinary world is centered on the idea that Italians do not eat dessert.  Italians do, in fact, enjoy dessert and the items consumed range from creamy gelato to luxurious cakes and icy granita to mind blowing cookies.  Here are some irresistible photos, including gelato, pastries, cookies, and granita – all scrumptious Italian desserts!

gelateria in Scilla - great local flavors)
the famous espresso granita, especially popular and well made in Calabria; shaved ice, great espresso, and fresh whipped cream
there are as many cookie varieties in Italy as there are wine types; the cookie is king in Italy and it's treated like royalty; respect the cookie!


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  3. LOVED all the gelato I tasted in Sicily…tried all of them when we visited Catania…didnot find one that I did not like..LOL…gelato and eggplant (hot or cold) was sooooodelicious…

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