Italian Christmas Food Photos


(photo: fish salad made with octopus, shrimp, squid, scungilli, and scallops; choose just a few fish for a good fish salad)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and spent quality time with their friends and family!  We cooked a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner and wanted to share our photos with you, including pictures of our dinner antipasto and main courses. The final dishes included:

  • Prosciutto, Cacciatore, and Finocchiona salumi platter
  • Cheese platter (Provolone Auricchio, Manchego,  Pecorino “Monte Poro”)
  • Bruschetta with black truffle and extra virgin olive oil
  • Boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce
  • Zeppole (plain and anchovy)
  • Eggplant fritters
  • Olives (Taggiasche and Castelvetrano)
  • Raw clams
  • Baked flounder
  • Bacalla with tomato sauce and capes
  • Fish salad (octopus, shrimp, scallops, squid,)
  • Risotto Milanese
  • Steamed mussels with white wine
  • Fried calamari
  • Green salad
  • Baked broccoli with breadcrumb, garlic, and red pepper flake
  • Green beans with garlic
  • Baked shrimp
  • Baked clams

(photo: baked broccoli, founder, shrimp, and clams)

(photo: fish salad, risotto Milanese, string beans, green salad, fried calamari, baked clams, and bacalla in tomato sauce)

(photo: fish salad made with octopus, shrimp, squid, scungilli, and scallops; fried calamari, steamed mussels in white wine sauce, green salad)

(photo: baked clams)

(photo: salumi <Prosciutto, Cacciatore, and Finocchiona> and cheese <Provolone Auricchio, Manchego,  Pecorino “Monte Poro”>)
(photo: clams from Long Island ready to be opened)

(photo: olives)

(photo: making risotto with squash and red peppers, including a saffron broth)

(photo: host serving up some risotto)

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