Calugi Tartufo Bianco Condimento or Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle


(photo: a small 55 ml bottle of white truffle infused extra virgin oil from Florence)

Prior to my first experience with Calugi’s white truffle infused extra virgin olive oil I must admit I was skeptical of all infused olive oils.  After all, mother nature has already infused the very best extra virgin olive oils with terrific notes of bitterness, sweetness, acidity, etc. so it was beyond me why additives were even considered.

Enter Calugi’s line of “aromatic condiments” and I’ve experienced a bit of a paradigm shift when it comes to flavored oils.  The bottle of white truffle infused extra virgin olive oil I sampled hailed from Cambiano-Castelfiorentino (in Florence) and had intense and woodsy flavor components.  I tried the extra virgin olive oil in a plain risotto, on a piece of crusty and warm bread, and in a rich asparagus soup. Only a few drops were needed and the aforementioned dishes and ingredients were transformed with added depth of flavor and complexity.  You can also try the oil on pizza, drizzled over whole milk mozzarella, and in pasta with garlic, parsley, and red pepper flakes.  Just be careful on the amount of oil used given it’s intense flavor profile and note that it may take a while for the intense flavor to agree with your palate.  

(photo: asparagus soup with a few drops of Calugi white truffle infused extra virgin olive oil)
The oil is available from Love From Italia in 55ml bottles and retails for $12.00.  Calugi also makes both black truffle and porcini flavored products.


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