Villa Cappelli 100% Italian Orange Conserve


(photo: we sampled the Villa Cappelli orange conserve with Greek yogurt and local blueberries)

The Greeks, like the Italians, treat ingredients with great respect and they do very little in the way of manipulation when preparing dishes.  Take, for example, the way Greeks consume yogurt with a simple fruit conserve or compote.  Often the yogurt is served in a bowl with some conserve, often cherry, fig, or a berry variation.  The dish is wonderful as a quick breakfast or even as a simple dessert following a large meal.  

(photo: don’t expect bright orange color, the product is all natural so you’re getting a true representation of orange and carrot)

(photo: beautiful packaging is a given in any Villa Cappelli product)

Recently, I sampled a jar of Italian orange conserve from the producer Villa Cappelli.  If you recall we reviewed Villa Cappelli’s sun dried tomatoes cured in extra virgin olive oil and we were impressed with how similar they were to our own sun dried tomatoes.  Along the same lines, we were equally mesmerized by the intense flavor of the Cappelli orange conserve which includes four simple ingredients: orange, lemon, carrot, and sugar (no pectin); kudos to the founder and owner Paul Cappelli for keeping the product simple!  
The Puglia made specialty product has a subtle orange flavor that is more tart than sweet and is nicely balanced with the addition of lemon and carrot (straight orange conserve would be too potent).  I sampled the orange conserve with fresh Greek yogurt and locally grown blueberries.  You could use the Villa Cappelli conserve on toast, scones, biscuits, and as a glaze.  We’ve also heard it works great as a cheesecake topping!

(photo: four simple ingredients keep the product situated in the Italian tradition of less is more)

Find it: Villa Cappelli Orange Conserve, $10.95 at
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