Radiatori with Small Meatballs (Radiatori con Polpettini) – Scordo Pasta Challenge #114


(photo: radiatori with tomato sauce or ragu and tiny meatballs or polpettini)

Radiatori are medium sized (short) pasta shapes that look like older style radiators (hence the name).  Radiatori are thick, have a ruffled edge, and are used like fusilli (with thicker sauces such as a ragu).

We used Rustichella d’Abruzzo pasta (a new shape for the company) and made a thicker style tomato sauce (or ragu) with polpettini (or small meatballs).  Our tomato sauce recipe is fairly straightforward as is the preparation for our traditional meatballs (including the modification for a smaller size).  Radiatori is pasta shape #114 for the Scordo Pasta Challenge.  

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