Tomato Sauce Made from Pomodori Pelati, Homemade Ravioli, and La Castellina Olive Oil



(photo: La Castellina extra virgin olive oil used to make handmade ravioli with tomato sauce)

Every once in a while a particular recipe I’ve made hundreds of times tastes like something completely different.  For example, my wife Erin (who secretly does much of the cooking behind!) made a batch of tomato sauce and I quickly proclaimed it “the best sauce ever!”  

Erin used a can of whole plum tomatoes (or pomodori pelati) from our canned tomato collection (as opposed to the passato di pomodoro we normally use).  The result was a fresh tasting tomato sauce with fabulous color and depth.  The olive oil we used also helped; in this case it was unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from La Castellina in Tuscana (La Castellina has a wonderful “brand” story).  The oil can be found at the Love From Italia web site.  
The ravioli pictured above were made by hand by my mother in law, Joyce, and were filled with ricotta and spinach.  


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