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gekko.jpg recently released a list of the top 165 personal finance web sites.  WiseBread used traffic, incoming blog links, RSS subscribers, link authority, and Compete scores to determine the rankings.  The chart is also updated on daily basis so you can actually re-visit the chart each day and see different sites move up and down in the rankings.
Personal finance blogs are a great resource, especially given current economic conditions.  The top blogs do a great job of giving practical tips and advice as well as solid reasons why individuals cannot afford to not lead frugal lifestyles.  Now, while you shouldn’t take money advice from your average Joe, many of the sites on the top 165 list are written by individuals with deep knowledge of how to manage and save money (in my opinion, there’s really no difference between, say, a Suzie Orman who has no real finance background, and any of the top bloggers on the list).
Here’s my personal list of the top five (5) personal finance sites on the web:
JD Roth does a great job with timely articles and deep analysis.  J.D. is blogging full time now and also has plenty of great guest posts!
Trent is an example of a personal finance blog that is highly practical – his tips and writing style is straightforward and he has tremendous, and varying, content.  I’m a great fan of the The Simple Dollar and I think it’s the best personal finance blog on the web (period).
The content here varies from home grown tips to content plucked from the web and re-hashed. The site owner posts tons of content and it’s worth checking out a couple of times a day. 
The site was started by a female engineer from Silicon Valley.  The site focuses on personal finance, technology, and entrepreneurship but it’s mostly about saving money).  
Jim runs Bargaineering, which was formerly BluePrint for Financial Prosperity (one of the first personal finance blog sites to be created).  Here’s what Jim says about his site: “On the surface, it seems like this site is mostly about money – how to earn more of it, how to save it, how to spend less of it, and how to grow it; and it is, money forms the basis of many things in our lives, probably too many things! At the end of the day, whether you have $100 or $100 million, we believe that happiness comes from doing more of what you love with the people that you love.”


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