Critical Questions for Twenty Somethings: Guest Post On Pimp Your Finances


I recently had a guest post on and the entry dealt with critical questions every twenty something should ask him or herself if they’d like achieve goals and lead a quality life.  Here’s an excerpt:

If you’re a Twenty-something consider yourself very lucky.

You’re probably healthy, super educated (only about 26 percent of Americans have a bachelor’s degree), full of energy, have a full set of teeth, and have very few, real-world commitments.

You’ve probably just started to think about how to go about “living” in the world, but have continued with the same day-to-day / task oriented existence that you’ve operated under since kindergarten, as opposed to an existence  focused on goal setting and planning.

If, however, you are that rare twenty-something who can plan ahead and set specific goals, you may have already started to figure out how you can truly enjoy a high quality of life over the long term.

Money Goals
What do you want money to do for you?
Do you want to earn money so you can purchase stuff (such as a car, flat screen TV, clothes, etc…), or do you want to earn money so you can make money work for you (in the form of an investment such as the purchase of stock or a CD)?
Would you feel better about saving 10 percent of your salary or 70 percent?  Do you see money as a means of security or as a vehicle to help you acquire things? Do you want to earn more to secure debt?
How do you want to earn your money; that is, by working for someone else or by starting your own company?  Do you get excited when you think or talk about money or does money make you feel uneasy?
Happiness Goals
What makes you happy each and every day?
Do you like to make things, sell things, talk about things, research things, teach other people about things, etc…? Can you see yourself doing the same type of job every day or do you require new challenges?
Do you crave being around people so you can get things done or are you most happy as an introvert? Can you point to a few, consistent, things in your life that have made you happy?
Is your personality consistent or does it change with the weather?  Do your family members all feel happy about the same sort of things?
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