Grilled Italian Sausage in Spicy Tomato Sauce Recipe



(photo: grilled Italian sausage in a spicy tomato sauce)

Although my favorite way to prepare sausage is grilled on an outdoor barbecue with wood briquettes, simmering already grilled sausage in a spicy tomato sauce is a close second!

The recipe is more than easy, it’s almost a non recipe; that is to say, something you can intuit very easily.  Here’s the process and ingredients (just in case):
For those of you not eating meat on Friday during Lent, make the dish after Easter.

Begin by grilling the sausage on an outdoor grill (I prefer a non gas grill with wood briquettes; I also use a chimney starter <never use lighter fluid to start a fire that you’ll cook with>).  In a large pan, add about 1 cup of tomato sauce and heat thoroughly. Next, add the sausage (which can be diced into 1-2 inch pieces), parsley, and red pepper flakes.  Simmer for about five minutes, plate, and drizzle with high quality extra virgin olive oil.  Enjoy the dish with crunchy bread, a salad, and glass of white or red wine.  
  • good quality Italian sausage (try finding a local market that makes it’s own or order online)
  • fresh parsley
  • tomato sauce
  • red pepper flakes 
  • extra virgin olive oil

(photo: grilled Italian sausage in a spicy tomato sauce)

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