Matzoh Pizza


(photo: matzoh pizza with sausage and broccoli rabe – courtesy of Dr. K)

Our honorary Jewish Italian, Dr. K., recently put together some exquisite matzoh pizza for his family and I was compelled to ask him for yet another guest post entry.  Enjoy and Zeezum Pasach!

Dr. K used Bittman’s olive oil matzoh recipe, which is an adapted Sardinian flatbread.  He used freshly milled hard red wheat, but any flour will do. Homemade matzoh can be prepared without olive oil, but it does make it roll out easier, and you won’t have flour flying everywhere.  It can really be done with any bread dough recipe.  Flour and water are all you need.  You can add salt, oil, egg, other flavorings as you see fit.

The key with any matzoh recipe is that you roll them super thin (basically translucent), bake them in a very hot oven, and watch them closely because they can burn quickly.  Baking stones help, as with any bread baking, but don’t waste your money on a pizza stone, buy some unglazed quarry tiles at the hardware store, and you can line your whole oven for a couple of bucks.  
If you’re new to bread-baking, or nervous about it, this is a great recipe to start with.  No yeast, no waiting for the dough to rise, no proofing.  You can go from mixing to eating in 30 minutes or less.  
Dr. K. was also quick to point out that the matzoh pizzas pictured in the photos were made with 100% whole wheat store bought matzohs given that he already purchased them prior to starting his baking!  How’s that for full disclosure!

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