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Good afternoon!  Let’s start with a bit of housekeeping:’s “Guide to Renovating Your Kitchen: 11 Tips, Tricks, and Advice” was recently featured in this week’s Best of Money Carnival hosted  @ ManVsDebt.
Finally, you’ll notice that has a new tag line, “Be Practical, Live Better”  The tag line originated from the idea that living a frugal and practical life doesn’t mean you half to lead a poor and unfulfilling life.  On the contrary, I created to convey that leading a high quality lifestyle (i.e., living well) is dependent on being practical and knowing what to deem important in life and what to quickly disregard as being fluff (e.g., acquiring material possessions, ignoring family, not caring about food, etc.)


  1. Thank you for the great article! We sometimes don’t realize how much stress we have in our lives and it’s affects on our life.

  2. Vince,
    I like the new tag line and your explanation of it. The media and advertisers try to tell us that having more stuff or more money will lead to a better life. But your observation is right – we can have a high quality life if we focus on being practical and the truly important things like family.

  3. It was my pleasure to submit a guest article! I think the worst part of stress, at times, is that many folks just accept it as part of their life (or their job) and therefore just live with it (as opposed to getting rid of it).

  4. Hi Paul,
    Good to hear from you! It is, indeed, important to be critical of the media and mass market advertising. Being practical requires, as you said, focus and a little bit of logic!

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