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How To Achieve Goals: Micro-Goal It And Keep It Simple

For much of Sunday’s epic Wimbledon Final Andy Roddick outplayed Roger Federer.  Roddick out served Federer, played with more intensity, and had a number of incredible winners (including many backhand winners to Federer’s forehand side).  So, how did Federer manage to beat an opponent who played exceptionally well and, in some way, wanted the Wimbledon Championship more than Roger himself? […]

Excercise and Your Life: Just Do It

Sport has always been part of my life; partly because of genetics yet mostly because of the hyperactive friends I made growing up in 1980/90’s New Jersey. As a young kid, I played on our suburban block until dusk and only came in for dinner after my mother unleashed her fiery call: “il pranzo è pronto!”  As a 13 year […]

Neil Stephenson’s Anathem and Federer at the US Open

Sci-Fi writer Neal Stephenson has a new novel out (September 9th) entitled Anathem.  As Jason Kottke mentions there’s a nice summary in the latest Wired Magazine: Set on a planet called Arbe (pronounced “arb”), Anathem documents a civilization split between two cultures: an indulgent Saecular general population (hooked on casinos, shopping in megastores, trashing the environment — sound familiar?) and the […]

The Best Tennis Match of All Time – Federer vs Nadal, Wimbeldon 2008 Final

If you were lucky enough to view the Wimbeldon final this weekend, you most likely watched the most epic, modern day, tennis match of all time.  The match lasted a record 4 hours and 48 minutes (the match started at 9AM EST), including two 25 minute plus rain delays. Nadal took the first two sets and Federer won two tie-breaks […]

Nadal versus Federer in the 2008 French Open Final

What’s Up With the Red Clay at the French Open?

What’s Up With the Red Clay at the French Open?

The 2008 French Open kicked off at Roland Garros this past weekend.  Roland Garros is actually the name of the tennis center where the Open is held; more specifically, Roland Garros was a French aviator and WWI hero. The French Open is played on red clay versus the Decoturf surface at the US Open in Flushing, Queens.  Red clay surfaces are […]