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(photo: The World Cup flag; unfortunately, we didn’t have a reason to bring it out this past World Cup)
I wanted to wish our loyal readers a Happy New Year and Buon Anno! and also list our top ten articles of the year.  We posted over 200 articles this year but the following stories were deemed most popular by you!   Enjoy and have a glass of Prosecco tonight while you read through the articles:

Of course it’s OK to go out and have a great dinner on occasion, but if you’r eating or ordering out every other night then your’re not only wasting money but you’re losing in other ways as well.   

9. Five Reasons Why It’s Important to Have Good Social Skills
Unless you’re the best at what you do then you’ll need good social skills to make your way through life and excel.  
My favorite Italian “street food”; learn how to make these delicious Italian appetizers at home!
One of the first portable espresso machines on the market.
These are my personal tips gained from countless home improvement projects, including our very own kitchen renovation.  Learn how to make the most of your kitchen renovation.
A great stew for cold winter nights.
The Scordo canning tradiiton documented for our loyal readers.  A great tomato sauce starts with great canned tomatoes.
Learn all about salame, prosciutto, speck, etc.  If you like cured pork, then this is a must read!
Our family tomato sauce recipe revealed!
And our most popular article of the year…Sun dried tomatoes in olive oil are so easy to make at home and you’ll end up wanting to eat them every night!

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