How Much Would You Pay People to Have Babies and the Great European Population Crisis


baby.jpgThe New York Times ran an interesting Sunday Magazine cover story on the population crisis facing many European countries

In Italy, for example, a small Southern Italian town has instituted a “baby bonus:”

“…in 2003 Falivena let it be known he would pay 10,000 euros (about $15,000) for every woman — local or immigrant, married or single — who would give birth to and rear a child in the village. The “baby bonus,” as he calls it, is structured to root new citizens in the town: a mother gets 1,500 euros when her baby is born, then a 1,500-euro payment on each of the child’s first four birthdays and a final 2,500 euros the day the child enrolls in first grade.”

How would you feel if a particular government paid you to make babies?  Would you oblige or be insulted (come on now, be a good patriot!).

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