Scordo’s Link Round Up: January 12, 2009


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– Wise Bread has an interesting article on the pros and cons
of pre-paying your mortage
– I can tell you that I’ve been giving this one lots
of thought and I still haven’t come to an easy answer   @ WiseBread.

– Dough Roller posted a “festival of frugality” that contains
some great information on frugal living, finances, debt, etc
.  @

– The MSN SmartMoney Blog has an article by Trent Hamm of the
Simple Dollar
on whether it’s frugal to pay others to perform a service.   @ MSN Smart Money Blog

– MSN SmartMoney blogger Karen Datko posted on the importance
of knowing what food costs
  @ MSN Smart Money Blog

– Clever Dude posts on Suzie Orman and her recent media blitz
via Oprah (she’s promoting a free book on getting your finances in order).
  @ Cleverdude.

– Blue Print for Financial Prosperity talks about maximizing your
Netflix subscription

– Cooking up a story talks about how high fructose corn syrup
was found to not increase obesity rates more so than sugar
.  @

– The Art of Manliness gives advice on how to become a better
man in 2009
. @

– No Credit Needed talks about 20 things that rock about being
debt free

– The notes how you can watch free TV
.  @

– J.D. at Get Rich Slowly summarizes the best of 2009. @

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