What We’re Reading: Merits of Home Cooking, Pasta alla Norma, Pizza, CVap, Master Pasta Class, Why Food Matters

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Some of our aunt's tomatoes in Calabria awaiting for show time in their annual tomato canning process.

For cheap, healthy diet, know how to cook – sent to us via our friend Dr. K. this is a great article from Philly.com that is research based and firmly concludes that, “Those who know how to cook are at a distinct advantage when it comes to nutrition on the cheap.”

Pasta alla Norma – a link sent to us by our brother in law in Connecticut, the blogger at Virgie and Hats puts together a nice version of pasta alla norm or pasta with eggplant, ricotta, and tomato sauce.

Beautiful Pizza – the painter and cook over at cook blog posted some great pictures of his homemade pizza garnished with homemade toppings from his garden.

Swordfish via CVap – three different cuts of swordfish prepared in “Controlled Vapor Technology”   Ugh, not sure about the tech but interesting to see different variants of swordfish being utilized.

Master Pasta Class– we’re definitely missing out on the whole I’ll teach you how to cook ridiculously simple foods in my home kitchen for hundreds of dollars trend, but Domenica makes beautiful pasta and her book is a real treat.

Why Food Matters – stumbled onto the Eat with Pleasure site and found a nice article on why the author/writer bothers to spend her time thinking and documenting all things food.

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