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(photo: salt cod in Spain.  thanks to thekitchn.com for the photo)  

NY Times Dining and Wine – What a concept: bring your mother to America so she can make pasta at your restaurant (slave labor or love?).

Saveur – Pictures of Italy during Christmas from a magazine that adores Italian food and life.

Food and Wine – How a star Chef does an Italian Christmas 
Food and Wine – We’re working on including more dessert recipes on Scordo.com, but in the interim here’s a great Trifle recipe with marsala syrup.
Ciao Ciao Linda – If there was a single ingredient on the planet that has helped multiple cultures fill their bellies it would have to be salt cod.  Salt cod, or baccala, is popular during the holiday season but it should be consumed more.  Linda whips up a special salt cod dish.


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