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Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher have been reviewing wines via the Wall Street Journal’s column Tastings for 11 years (now that’s a lot of bottles!).  A recent Wall Street Journal article summarizes Tastings’ readers most asked questions; Dorothy and John have received over 1000 questions about wines and most of them, they state, can be summarized via the following 11 questions (grouped by the most asked question last):

1. What’s the best wine glass?
Large 20-22 ounce wine glass, this way you can swirl wine (releasing aromas).  Glass should be thin, clear, and long stem.  Don’t buy expensive glasses because they will break.  Authors like glasses from Pier 1 and Costco, as well as Vino Grande Burgundy from Spieglau (owned by Riedel) as an everyday glass

2. Where are the best wine values coming from these days?
Chile, in one word!  Authors like Cabernet Sauvgnon and Sauvignon Blanc. Argentina (Malbec – here is my favorite Malbec: Ruca Malen Malbec), New Zealand (Sauvignon Blanc), and South Africa (Sauvignon Blanc) are good bets, as well.
3. What wines are good for a party of large gathering?
For white go with Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand from Chile or New Zealand and for red a Malbec from Argentina.  In terms of a sparkling wine, they like Cava (I like Prosecco from Italy – here is my favorite Prosecco: Cantine Riondo).
4. How Do You Remove Wine Labels?
Heat oven to 350 degrees and thereafter place bottle in turned off oven.  Wear mitts when removing bottle and peel label off.  You can also try boiling the bottle.  They also recommend simply taking a photo of the wine label!
5. Should you decant?
Short answer is no.  You should decant if there’s lots of sediment. Also, note that most wines are created to be consumed over a 1-3 year period.  

6. Should wines be stored a temperature controlled cellar?

Mixed cases can be kept on the floor of a closet for a short period of time.  Fine wine can be storred in a wine fridge.  If you’re looking to store a bottle as a celebration of a new born try Sauternes.

7. How do you find a bottle of wine that has been in the media or one has had at a restaurant?
8. I Love X wine what do you think of it?
Doesn’t matter what experts think.  Drink what you like.  You should however maybe try different wine types that are similar to wines you have always loved – this expands your wine world!


9. Why does wine give me headaches; sulfites, right?
No, it’s not sulfites.  At times it has to do with histamines and other complex chemistry – talk to a doctor if a particular wine gives you a headache.
10. Wines in Europe do not contain sulfites, correct?
All wines contain sulfites.
11. I’m going to a wine region, what wineries should I visit?
Try little places you never heard of because you will probably meet the owner and also try wines you would never be able to try at home.
12. I have an old bottle, how much is it worth?
Single bottles are never purchased outright from a private buyer, so enjoy your old bottle of wine.
12a. When will this wine be at it’s peak?
Depends on wine type, storage method, and personal taste. Overall, open it when you feel the time is right.  Remember, Open That Bottle Night 10 is February 28th.
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