Warm Weather, New Ingredients, and Italian Food


The “warm weather” hasn’t exactly arrived here in New Jersey but there are signs of spring all around. Our flowering pear trees have budded and our ancient Forsythias have yellowed and now brighten our otherwise drab landscape.  And our purple bearded Iris have come up along our narrow driveway along with a host of tullips, lillies, and crocus shots.  So, there are signs of Spring in our suburban landscape which means warm weather is on the horizon!

The warmer weather also got me thinking about all of the lovely Spring foods such as asparagus, fava beans, wild arugula, garlic scapes, leeks, peas, etc.  And with the arrival of new food ingredients comes a good time to reevaluate how you’d like to cook and eat over the next couple of months and beyond.  Maybe the ingredients above will present some new recipe ideas or the extra sunshine and warm air will motivate you to try a new Italian dish based on fresh and local ingredients.

Here are some photos to inspire you (all from my parent’s flower garden in New Jersey):


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