An Italian American Easter and Happiness


(photos: discovered on a town street during an Easter walk with our son)

One of the cocktail party fun facts I often recite is that the burgeoning field of “happiness studies” correlates life satisfaction via a few simple items, including friendship, travelling, social outings (including participating in sport), and time spent with family.  Of course, some of the non-correlative items are large vats of money, a fleet of super cars, unyielding fame, a Newport mansion, and a closet full of high end clothes and shoes. 

The happiness list shouldn’t be a surprise and if you recently spent time with your family given the Easter/Passover holiday then, hopefully, your outlook on life is positive and you’re feeling good about your place on the planet.  Life, afterall, is all about making connections with people and rich and fulfilling experiences.  Some folks gravitate towards a particular religion while others travel and make deep connections with their family and friends.  At the end of the day, it’s less about the specific types of connections and experiences that lead to personal happiness (religion versus travel, for example) and more about making sure you’re focused on the right general types of experiences.  OK, off the pop psychology soap box and time for some photos from this past holiday weekend: 


(photos: flowers for E.S.)


(photos: homemade lasagna)


(photos: homemade “spinach pie”)


(photos: stuffed mushrooms)


(photos: braised baby goat)


(photos: baked eggplant)


(photos: pastries from a local shop; Rispoli in New Jersey)

(photos: homemade biscotti and nacatoli) 


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